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The fundamentals of non-empty ether theory

8. Conclusion

Nature does not like emptiness. Practically all the latest concepts of a physical vacuum are based on this postulate [1, 40, 41]. The universe is filled with a special medium - ether [42]. The one, who once moved a strong magnet closer to a piece of iron, cannot negate the presence of this special medium. Only the acceptance of the fact of the ethereal medium existence allows one to preserve the material basis of light and electromagnetic waves propagation [43]. This medium is a transmitter of gravitational interactions of gravitating bodies. Otherwise, it is necessary to admit the possibility of a gravitating body to "find out" the presence of another body mystically and then tend to it.

The second fruitful postulate - all existing consists of two opposite in sign principles - was put forward in the midfirst millenary B.C. by Chinese philosophers [4, 5]. The opposite principles - Yin and Yang - are not only philosophy categories expressing the idea of world dualism, but are also fundamental principles of the universe physical arrangement. In the traditional cosmogony an occurrence of Yin and Yang categories marks the first step from a random unity of the primeval Chaos to the variety of "lots of things" [4]. Each of these principles contains a potentiality of the other. Examples of separation in two opposite principles could be found in all forms of substance existence, in different scopes of its manifestation, especially when analysing physical phenomena. We know that there are only two kinds of electrical charges - positive and negative. To date, there is an experimental proof of the existence of both matter and antimatter. Neutrinos and antineutrinos have been predicted and observed [44]. The stated fundamentals of the non-empty ether theory clearly demonstrate this first step of substance self-organizing. The next steps lead to formation of more complicated shapes of the matter, up to creation of biological, alive species of its existence.

The proposed concept of the ethereal medium solves several problems that seemed unsolvable earlier. It explains the "shear kind" of light and electromagnetic waves. It allows one to understand a distinction between the mass of a physical body and the electromagnetic mass of the ethereal medium. It explains the observed form of the laws of light reflection and refraction. It confirms the arrangement principle of any medium, capable to transmit oscillatory perturbations. Such a medium should contain elasticity and mass. The physical values of electromagnetic elasticity and mass of the ethereal medium, deduced by us, confirm it. The presented concept completely correlates with the fundamental equations by D. Maxwell, and consequently, with the theories of electrostatics and electrodynamics. It explains great homogeneity of vacuum. It gives an explanation, why in experiments at collision of particles with high energy, occasionally pairs of new particles of the opposite charge appear - they are generated by the ethereal medium containing these charges [45].

The proposed concept eliminates the paradox of magnetic field, which in references and educational literature is called a vortical one [46]. Earlier, V.P. Dmitriev [36] has earnestly shown that a magnetic field is a shear deformation of the ethereal medium. The "vortical" theory of a magnetic field, as we have shown, cannot be justified, without violation of the principle of energy conservation.

One of the most important consequences of the proposed theory is the explanation of the nature of attractive interaction and inertia of physical bodies. The creation of an elastic pressure gradient of ether by a physical body in the environs of another physical body, also creating an elastic pressure gradient of ether in the environs of the first one, gives rise to the force making these bodies approach each other. This is the reason for gravitation. An interaction of a physical body with the ethereal medium is the basis of inertial forces manifestation.

In the present work, we do not consider the motion of charged bodies and, in particular, of an electron in the ethereal medium. It is necessary to consider a motion of an electron in an electric field, for example in the field of a charged plane capacitor, as a motion in the anisotropic medium of a rotating (i.e. possessing a spin) body. Really, with a plane capacitor in charge an anisotropic electric field appears between the capacitor plates. As is known, a motion of a rotating body in an anisotropic field leads to deformation of the trajectory of the body in such a way, that the plane of gyration would coincide with the plane of anisotropy.

*    *    *

The proposed concept of the ethereal medium [47, 48] allows one to predict the most elementary perturbations (particles), which can originate in it. As was shown above, the ethereal medium represents a regular spatial lattice consisting of two identical in size, but opposite in sign particles. Their mutual attraction will make these particles occupy the position that is very strict and precise with respect to each other. Thus, the spatial lattice of the ethereal medium, in the end, will be rather homogeneous. However, we can imagine the rise of dislocations or discontinuities in the spatial structure of vacuum due to some reasons. For example, as was examined above, the discontinuities in a vacuum arise with the availability of atoms, ions, electrons i.e. bodies possessing a physical mass. However, in our opinion, in some cases discontinuities may arise without a physical body. Let us imagine elementary types of such discontinuities (dislocations). For example, it is possible to imagine the presence of an excess particle of a positive sign, situated in the middle of a homogeneous lattice. It will be an example of the simplest dislocation, which can be termed "with positive redundance". On can also envision that in the middle of the lattice there will be a redundant negative particle. Such a dislocation can be called a dislocation "with negative redundance". Two other kinds of dislocations can exist too. One of these kinds may be presented by the absence of a positive charge in the middle of the lattice. Let us term such a kind of dislocation "with positive insufficiency". The opposite kind will be termed "with negative insufficiency". Thus, there can be four types of such simplest (elementary) discontinuities. It is interesting to note, that combining the dislocations "with positive redundance" and "with positive insufficiency" will lead to a mutual annihilation or extermination. The same will happen when combining the dislocations "with negative redundance" and "with negative insufficiency". The similar dislocations (particles) will not possess a mass peculiar to a physical body. However, these "redundant" and "insufficient" particles should have a certain charge, and an electromagnetic mass. They should be the smallest and the most elementary of all possible.

The ethereal medium or vacuum really represents, as P. Dirac wrote, a shoreless ocean. This ocean is filled with elastic, strongly condensed electromagnetic matter. Now it is difficult to say, how the energy enclosed in this matter, can be liberated and used. However, it is doubtless that through the ethereal medium, free space, it is possible to transmit enormous amounts of energy without slightest losses by means of electromagnetic waves of great intensity.

Copyright (c) 2000 Felix F. Gorbatsevich