The fundamentals of non-empty ether theory

F. Gorbatsevich

The fundamentals of non-empty ether theory

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We are to admit no more
causes of natural things
that such as are both
true and sufficient to
explain their appearance.

Rule I from the Rules of reasoning in Philosophy.
I. Newton. Mathematical principles of natural philosophy.
Optics. Britannica, V.32. Second Edition. Chicago. 1994.


The fundamentals of a physical model of the ethereal medium (vacuum) consisting of particles of two kinds, equal, but opposite in sign are stated. The model contains elements of the vacuum structure offered by W. Thomson, of MacGullagh continuum and conforms to the theory of electromagnetism by D. Maxwell. A uniform physical basis for an explanation of observed electromagnetic phenomena, inertia and gravitation is given.

Copyright (c) 2000 Felix F. Gorbatsevich