The fundamentals of non-empty ether theory

Felix F. Gorbatsevich

Head Scientist

Geological Institute

Kola Science Centre RAS

Born: 26 August 1937, in the settlement of Vyritsa, Leningrad region, Russia.

Graduated from a secondary School: June 1951, Leningrad region.

Studies of: heat engineering in Leningrad Gas and Fuel Technical School from 1951 till 1956.

Degree: Diploma of heat technician.

Studies of: Physics, Mathematics, Electronics, Radiotechnics at Leningrad North-West Polytechnical Institute from 1961 till 1969.

Degree: Diploma of engineer in radioelectronics.

Worked as: a laboratory assistant, engineer, junior researcher at Mining Institute of the Kola Science Centre, USSR Academy of Sciences from 1964 till 1983.

Studies of: Geomechanics, Petrophysics, Mining Engineering at postgraduate courses from 1970 till 1976 at Mining Institute KSC USSR AS, Apatity, Murmansk region.

Degree: PhD in Mining Engineering, title: Stability and Safety of Mining Workings.

Worked as: researcher, senior and head researcher at Geological Institute of the Kola Science Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Apatity, Murmansk region, from 1983 till present.

Defended a doctoral thesis in Engineering (Geophysics) at Leningrad Institute "VIRG-Rudgeophysika", 1992, title: "Rocks acoustopolariscopy (method and results)".

Publications: 2 monographs, 3 books (with co-authors), 8 patents of the USSR, 23 publications in reviewed scientific journals, 44 articles in unreviewed issues and 4 systematic instructions.

Main field of research: Elastic-anisotropic properties of rocks and minerals, propagation of elastic waves in heterogeneous unhomogeneous anisotropic media, properties of ether.

Has an active knowledge of English and working knowledge of German.

Main publications:

1. Reflection and Refraction of elastic waves at the Boundary of Media. - Apatity, 1985, 98 p. (in Russian).

2. Archean Complex in the Section of the Kola Superdeep Borehole KSDB-3. - Apatity, 1991, 52 p. (with co-authors).

3. Acoustopolariscopy of Rock Samples. - Apatity, 1995, 204 p. (in Russian).

4. Seismological Model of the Lithosphere of Northern Europe: Lapland-Pechenga Region - Apatity, 1996, 226 p. (with co-authors, in Russian).

5. The fundamentals of non-empty ether theory. Apatity, 1998, 48 p. (in Russian).


Copyright (c) 2000 Felix F. Gorbatsevich